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Create a retirement life that is rewarding, healthy

and full of joy...

You've spent the last several decades financially preparing for what you've imagined to be the greatest next chapter of your life - RETIREMENT. Either you're almost there, or you've just crossed over the threshold. Or maybe there's something deeper -  you're fearful of letting go of the career you've cultivated, and you just can't seem to be able make the leap...


Did you know? 

  • The majority of people retiring spend as much time planning a 2 week vacation as they do for the next 20-30 years of their lives (!) 

  • The "Honeymoon" phase of retirement lasts about 3-12 months before dangerous things like depression, drug/alcohol addictions,  and loneliness can set in.

  • The Alzheimer's Association has now determined that a lack of purpose, engagement and social activities significantly contribute to the disease, as much as eating, and exercising habits.  

It's not just about the money....


One on One Coaching

This 12 module coaching program is custom designed for you to get the maximum benefit and accountably in creating your meaningful and fulfilled retirement life.  


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Group Coaching

In this 2 month Group Coaching package, we will be covering eight different modules to create a dynamic and empowering plan with action steps that will positively impact your life in retirement. You'll also learn and grow from others attending the group sessions! 

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Workshops / Seminars

Available to present workshops and seminars to your employees or clients that are designed to build community within your organization, & give them meaningful tools to plan for

retirement beyond finances.


Julie Metteer at Ready Retire GO

is a Certified Professional Retirement Coach, and is intent on helping “older” adults in their 50s and 60s who are recently retired, haven’t pulled the trigger quite yet, or have a specific End Date to their full-time working life. Julie and her team want to give you the confidence and desire to make your Go-Go years as fulfilling and inspiring as possible while potentially extending your life expectancy and enhancing your health.

She truly want you to have this next phase of your life be as rewarding, inspiring, and as powerful as possible – and she has created coaching programs and workshops to help you get there.


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